Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Education in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

By |March 14th, 2012|

The forth in our series of artices looking at Education in Australia covers the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Almost all educational institutions in the Australian Capital Territory are located within Canberra. The ACT public education system schooling is normally split up into Pre-School, Primary School (K-6), High School (7–10) and College (11–12) followed by studies at university or TAFE. Many private schools include years 11 and 12 and sometimes primary school as well.


In February 2004 there were 139 public and non-governmental schools in Canberra; 96 were operated by the Government and 43 were non-Government. Most suburbs are planned to include a primary school and schools are usually located near open areas for play and sports. […]