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Well, its been over a month since we had the first formal, and highly disappointing offer on our house.

We had a chap come to look at the house this week, he brought his daughters with him and I have a feeling that the purchase will be for his daughter/s rather then for himself.

He confirmed that they don’t have a property to sell which is really good for us as it reduces the chain. I think the fact that we’re also not in a chain would be viewed as a good thing.

Anyway, we hope that the offer will be formalised at some point today so we’ll see!

In other house related news, we paid to add our house via The Little House Company last weekend.

For £135 (basic package starts at £89) You can upload your property details and they’ll distribute the details across a network of over 350 property related websites including such sites as Fish4 and

The big sell for TLHC is the fact that if you sell via this service its classed as a ‘private sale’ so no commission is payable on the final sale of the house.

We made this decision as we wanted to increase the exposure we can give our property as much as we possibly can. If the most recent offer falls through we’ll also be making our Estate Agent (Halifax) aware that we are also marketing the property privately.

Perhaps this competition may help push them to pull their finger out! Unlikely but you never know.

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