Forums Down … Grrrrr!

Hey Everyone

We’ve recently updated some software on the server that hosts Getting Down Under and this has caused some significant issues with out forums.

Let me take this opportunity to apologise for the downtime. We are trouble shooting the issue with our host and VBulletin (the guys who make the software we use for the forums) and hope to have everything back on line as soon as possible.

Please feel free to keep in touch by either posting a comment at the bottom of this post or via the discussion option within the Getting Down Under Facebook Group which you can view by clicking here.

By virtue of the fact that your reading this shows that we are well on our way to getting everything back online (the main pages have been down for nearly 2 hours). Please bear with is whilst we try and get the forums back to.

Many thanks




  1. Mark | | Reply

    Forums back (kinda) and dodgy characters in articles fixed (mostly).


  2. Mark | | Reply

    Note all that this is an old database restore and we are now on our new host. Yay!

    Unfortunately I’m still having a few problems bringing the forums online which I hope to get sorted shortly.



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