Jobs in Australia still exist in their thousands and despite some of the more sombre news printed in the media of late, finding a job in Australia shouldn’t be too hard a task once you get here.

One of the questions were frequently asked is ‘are there many opportunities doing job type ‘x’ ‘? Or ‘where can I find jobs in Australia doing job type ‘y’?’

Finding the answers to these questions isn’t as hard as you’d think as there are plenty of resources available to you if you know the right places to look.

Below we list details of some of the more common online banks. Each of these sites lists thousands of jobs in Australia with most presenting themselves as a great tool to help you highlight the availability of certain jobs and the current salaries on offer.

Tools for finding Jobs in Australia

Seek – is Australia’s no. 1 jobs, employment, career and recruitment site. Like may of the online job sites, seek provides many ways to search or browse jobs across Australia.

The site has a very powerful search feature which gives users the ability to clearly define the type of role their looking for. Users can ‘seek’ for Jobs in Australia by city, state or Australia wide.

Jobs Jobs Jobs – is a relatively new site, and like many other job sites lists roles across all Australian states. If the salary you’d like to earn is a key decision maker for the kind of role you’d go for then you’ll appreciate the nifty little sliding gadget at the top of the site which enables you to specify the lower and upper levels of the salary you’d be looking to target.

CareerOne – is another popular recruitment site. I really like this site because as well as the extensive listings of Jobs in Australia, the site also lists a comprehensive collection of career advice articles, most of which provide a unique insight into the best way to obtain a new Job in Australia.

When using these job sites, remember to do your research and double check the fine print. Many of the jobs advertised will stipulate the requirement for the job skeer to have Australian permanent residency. If you don’t have this yet then use the sites as a research tool only until you have every thing you need to really take the plunge down under.