Australians the worlds richest people

Australians Richest People

There’s lots of benefits associated with moving to Australia? Sunny weather, a better lifestyle, beautiful beaches and the Aussie way of life but to name just a few. According to a new survey undertaken by company, Credit Suisse, you can add being ‘completely minted’ onto the list. According to the […]

Smoking In Australia

Generally I think it’s fair to say that looking from the outside, in, Australians are considered a fairly healthy bunch of people.  It’s not all about the toned surfers and gym freaks though. There’s still an unhealthy side to Aussie life. If you’re a smoker considering a move to Australia […]

Is Australia a Racist Country?

So before I even begin to tackle this sensitive subject, let me give you a little context behind the purpose of this article. Today the federal government said the Indian media is unlikely to show restraint when reporting on alleged racism in Australia. India’s foreign ministry has called on its […]

$42 Billion stimulus package announced

We’re well past Christmas however Kevin Rudds Government continues with the handouts, announcing today that Low and middle-income earners will receive a $950 bonus as part of an extra $42 billion of spending in its latest bid to defy the economic gravity that is dragging down economies around the world. […]

What is a better Lifestyle?

I think it’s pretty safe to say that as your reading this you’re considering a move (or have already made the move) Down Under. When we moved to Australia one of the main things that drove us here was the better lifestyle we saw Australia giving our family. When you […]

Junk Week

The towns and cities in Australia by UK standards are pretty spotless. Rubbish is kept to a minimum and there seems to be quite a large army of street cleaners that help keep the places looking nice and tidy. This applies to the suburbs to. You don’t see blokes riding […]