The lifestyle on offer when you move to Australia is often one of the main factors that attracts folks to enter its shores. This category includes posts which cover many of the great lifestyle options Australia has to offer.

Australians the worlds richest people

By |October 9th, 2013|

There’s lots of benefits associated with moving to Australia? Sunny weather, a better lifestyle, beautiful beaches and the Aussie way of life but to name just a few.

According to a new survey undertaken by company, Credit Suisse, you can add being ‘completely minted’ onto the list.

According to the report released today, the median wealth of adult Australians stands at $US219,505 ($233,504) – the highest level in the world.

Median wealth is the midpoint between richest and poorest, meaning that 50 per cent of the population has more than $233,504, and 50 per cent less than that.

By the measure of average wealth, Australians fall back to second with $US402,578 per person, ranking behind the Swiss who were the world’s richest on $US513,000. […]

Smoking In Australia

By |August 2nd, 2013|

Generally I think it’s fair to say that looking from the outside, in, Australians are considered a fairly healthy bunch of people.

 It’s not all about the toned surfers and gym freaks though. There’s still an unhealthy side to Aussie life.

If you’re a smoker considering a move to Australia then you might be interested to know that Australia is actually one of the most expensive homes of cigarette smokers in the world, an accolade unlikely to change after a further increase in tobacco duty was announced this week.

The size of the hike? A hefty 12.5 % which comes into effect on the 31st December this year.  Not only that, further increases will occur on 1 September 2014, 1 September 2015, and 1 September 2016. The tax hike is in addition to increases that would have occurred through indexation. […]

There’s Nothing Like Australia – Australian Tourism Ad Released

By |August 16th, 2012|

So it’s be a little while since we’ve covered the Australian Tourism Offices attempts to temp people down under. With this in mind I thought their latest campaign may be worth a bit of a share.

Many of the iconic Aussie landmarks make the vidoe although to be fair I’d say the the baby kangaroo on the beach was probably added with a little artistic license.

Anyway, for many of you I’d hope the video represents an nice overview of the country you will someday call home so it’s certainly worth a share in my book. […]

Is Australia Too Boring For Ping-Pong Poms?

By |November 17th, 2011|

Quite an interesting artice over on the Guardian Website about the number of English people who emigrate to Australa only to move back to the UK some later.

The article by Patrick Barkham does talk about the wonders of Australia, such as the benefit of not having to wear socks :) but also cites how studies have shown British men in particular suffer loneliness in Australia because there was less of a culture of going to the pub after work.

It makes an interesting read but I’m definitely one of the ‘each to their own camp’


Emigrating to Australia – An Exciting Venture

By |January 30th, 2010|

The welcoming country down under summons you to have a look at its great landscapes, rough mountains, lovely, warm climate and abundant way of life. Australia certainly has the most excellent elements to have a convenient and comfortable life. Perhaps these are the main reasons why it has continued to be a favorite holiday destination.

Is Australia a Racist Country?

By |January 12th, 2010|

So before I even begin to tackle this sensitive subject, let me give you a little context behind the purpose of this article.

Today the federal government said the Indian media is unlikely to show restraint when reporting on alleged racism in Australia. India’s foreign ministry has called on its media to exercise restraint when reporting on recent attacks on Indians in Australia.

The call follows media reports that suggest the stabbing death of Nitin Garg in Melbourne on January 2 and Saturday’s attack on Jaspreet Singh, who suffered burns after being allegedly set alight, were racially motivated.

So there we have it, more attacks on Indian students but are they racially motivated? […]

Iran to Australia – Dreaming of a better life down under

By |June 23rd, 2009|

Your reasons for choosing to emigrate to Australia will be varied. For us, as adults we saw the local parks and playing fields we used to play on as kids, turned into graffiti and syringe strewn scrap heaps.

Australia presented us with the opportunity for a better life for our kids. The affordable housing, wide open spaces and beautiful weather were just the icing on the cake.

As a ‘Pom’ it was relatively easy for us to accept the ‘better life’ we now have down under. Comparitivly speaking, it wasn’t that different from the life we left behind. For families from other countries though, life in Australia is a VERY different life indeed!

One example would be good friends of ours who migrated to Australia from South Africa. The barbecues have been great, the summer evenings have been warm and yet the stories they have shared with us have at times, been quite chilling! […]

Australian Budget – What could it mean for you?

By |May 13th, 2009|

As we mentioned yesterday, the Federal Government released their budget last night so instead of going through the reams of data coming out of the budget line by line and boring you to death, I thought I’d provide a very (sky) high summary of some of the key points which may be of interest to folks looking to one day call Australia their new home

The Federal Government has estimated Australia’s deficit will increase to $58 billion in 2009-10 and reach a total of $219 billion in the five years to 2012-13, due to a combination of reduced economic growth, decreased tax revenues, and initiatives to stimulate the economy.

The Government has predicted the Australian economy will contract by 0.5% in the 2009-10 financial year, but will be growing again by 2010-11. […]

Australia versus the UK – Is Australia really the answer?

By |February 27th, 2009|

As the British economy hits rock bottom, thousands of skilled workers are looking abroad to start up a brighter, more stable life in a different economy.

Traditionally, Australia and New Zealand have been a favourite destination for British skilled migrants, but it seems now their economies are also feeling the rippling effects of the American and British recessions.

There has been much debate as to whether Senator Chris Evans (Minister for Immigration and Citizenship) would lower the record rates of immigration to Australia in the 2009-10 Budget in response to his country’s prospective financial troubles.   […]

$42 Billion stimulus package announced

By |February 3rd, 2009|

We’re well past Christmas however Kevin Rudds Government continues with the handouts, announcing today that Low and middle-income earners will receive a $950 bonus as part of an extra $42 billion of spending in its latest bid to defy the economic gravity that is dragging down economies around the world.

The spending package, over the next four years, includes $28.8 billion for infrastructure, schools and housing, as well as $12.7 billion cash payments. The payments include one-off bonus payments of $950 each for low- and middle-income households and individuals through five bonuses, to be paid in March, 2009 […]

Australian Tourism office launches new walkabout campaign

By |October 9th, 2008|

Do you remember the ‘Where the bloody hell are you ads’ which became more famous for Lara Bingles use of the word ‘bloody’ instead of the content itself?

Well, the guys at the Australian tourism office have kicked off a new and (in my opinion) very fresh looking walkabout campaign which markets Australia as the antidote to the stresses and strains of modern day life.

The two new tourism advertisements, set to accompany the new film ‘Australia’ and created by the same film maker Baz Luhrmann were revealed to the tourism industry this week.

Unlike previous ads which simply let the location steal the show, in Luhrmann’s advertisements, it is busy professionals and the transforming experience of a visit to Australia that form the narrative. […]

What is a better Lifestyle?

By |April 17th, 2008|

I think it’s pretty safe to say that as your reading this you’re considering a move (or have already made the move) Down Under.

When we moved to Australia one of the main things that drove us here was the better lifestyle we saw Australia giving our family.

When you think about it though, what is a better lifestyle?

It’s pretty much an all encompassing statement isn’t it?

With this in mind I’d thought I’d attempt to break down ‘a better lifestyle’ into a number of key components and then ask you guys to let me know which of these things drive you to help us all understand the key drivers for moving to Australia.

Is it the just the weather or are you looking for something else?

I had to have a good think about the list and I’m sure there are obvious thing’s I’ve missed out but I think it’s a reasonable list for starters:

Heres the Poll […]

Junk Week

By |September 19th, 2007|

The towns and cities in Australia by UK standards are pretty spotless.

Rubbish is kept to a minimum and there seems to be quite a large army of street cleaners that help keep the places looking nice and tidy.

This applies to the suburbs to. You don’t see blokes riding along on their ‘super sucker 2000′ street vacuum cleaners but they must exist in some form as any rubbish spied on one day is quickly tidied away by the next.

An interesting sign appeared on our street the other day. It was erected by someone from the council and simply had ‘Junk Week’ written on it in big bold letters with some simple instruction advising the local residents to leave their junk out for collection. […]

Quinns Rocks Beach – Hmmmm!

By |September 2nd, 2007|

Although I’ve not able to post any pictures of our new house in Quinns Rocks yet (by virtue of the fact that we still haven’t paid for it) I thought I’d post a picture of our local beach which is about five minutes away :)

As mentioned earlier today we decided to go down to the beach this arvo for a Fathers day picnic and what better beach to go to than the beach closest to our new home.

As you’ll see by the photos (which aren’t that great as they were taken on my phone but should still give you an idea) the Indian Ocean is starting to turn that really nice turquoise blue colour (click thumbnail for a bigger picture). The sand is still a little full of the seaweed chucked up during the strong winter tides but this will clear in the next few weeks leaving a spotless beach behind. […]

Wild Flowers at Kings Park – Spring is really here

By |September 2nd, 2007|

Wow, well that’s winter out of the way. :) September brings with it the first day of Spring and it certainly seems like spring is well and truly here.

We had a great day at Kings Park yesterday, the sun was shining and the temperatures rose to the early twentys.

Junior had fun playing on all the climbing frames and playing on the park at the synergy Parkland as we chilled out in the Spring sunshine drinking latte’s.

Yep, yesterday was a very tough day indeed and it was nice to get out in the sunshine again!

I’d almost forgotten what a great place Kings park is! It’s been a while since we have been to Kings park and due the missus condition she has avoided going there alone just incase something should happen on the baby front.

I’d heard that the flowers in Kings Park were pretty impressive during the springtime but I hadn’t fully appreciated that they would be out so early. […]