Australia has lots of wildlife, some will eat you, some look cute. You’ll find lots of entries associated with Perths wildlife in here

Deadly 60 – Australia

By |June 17th, 2009|

Deadly 60 – Australia is being broadcast on BBC one tomorrow at 17:15 for anyone that’s interested.

Within the program, lucky wildlife expert Steve Backshall and his crew head for the Australian continent as he continues his Deadly 60 mission.

During the program he visits Perth (yay!) which turns our to be home to one of Australia’s […]

Redback Spiders catch and eat snakes – Really?

By |February 9th, 2009|

I was having a little bit of banter with an Australian work colleague of mine the other day.

Having found another Redback spider in the back garden a couple of weeks ago I’ve found myself becoming a little laid back with the frequency of these near-death encounters

Poking the red back with a stick, I found the thing quite unaggressive, a life saving move for this little Arthropod as I decided to move it out of harms way instead of introducing the thing to a couple of litres of Spider spray!

“You should have just squashed it” quaffed my Aussie work colleague “Redbacks have been known to eat snakes and other stuff you know?  You’d best watch out for the cat!

Two days later she sends me an email titled  “The Red Back spider of Australia” with the below text and attachments: […]

Monkey Mia Dolphins – Enjoying the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort

By |February 1st, 2009|

Once we had decided to embark on our Road trip around western Australia, we had two options.

Option one: head down south towards the wine regions of Margaret River where we would spend the week touring the local wineries amongst beautiful landscapes, getting slowly drunker by the day OR

Option two: travel north to see some dolphins.

Despite the draw of a plentiful supply of cheap Western Australian wine, we had two extra people to consider. The Kids,   so option one it was and what a good decision it was to.

Monkey Mia is located midway up the West Australian Coastline, approx 850 kilometres from Perth. It   sits in the middle of Shark Bay which is a World Heritage Area.

We stayed at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort for two days which was a welcome relief to. After the previous days of intensive driving we were all pretty ready for a couple of days off.

Monkey Mia is one of the more unusual place names I’ve come across. Apparently Mia is the Aboriginal term for home or shelter, while the Monkey part of the name is allegedly derived from a pearling boat called Monkey that anchored at the now Monkey Mia in the late 19th century, during the days when pearling was an industry in the region.

It’s also been suggested that the origin of the name Monkey Mia could also be the pet monkeys owned by early Malay pearlers who camped at the location. All I know is that it’s a truly beautiful place. […]

Wild Budgies and Zebra Finches – Australias local pet shop

By |January 31st, 2009|

Since arriving down under I’ve already written about the wonders of the bird life here in Western Australia.

Coming from Northern England, the most exotic birds we saw were the pigeons we’d often see waddling around. The poor things normally had a toe missing or stumpy foot due to a close call with a piece of rubbish thrown away by one of the local yobs to!

I was pretty surprised to see this little collection of Birds sat in a couple of trees near one of the petrol stations we pulled into during our road trip.

If you were a pet store owner with a large net I’m sure you could have a field day. There were literally hundreds of Budgerigars and Zebra Finches.   Birds I’d only ever seen before in a Pet store back home.

The Budgies here in their natural-habitats of Australia are noticeably smaller than those in captivity. Whether that’s down to diet, breeding or what I’m not to sure but they all seemed pretty happy chilling out in the shade of this tree. […]

Dead whale washed up on Sorrento Beach

By |September 21st, 2008|

It doesn’t seem that long ago when I blogged about a dead Whale which had been washed up in Hillarys boat harbour just down the road from where we lived here in Quinns Rocks.

Back then, the carcass was in the news because it was starting to draw the unwelcome attention of a great white shark […]

We’ve seen our first Whales!

By |June 7th, 2008|

OK, so we’ve seen red-back spiders and plenty of parrots but last week we can add Whales onto our list of things that we’ve seen.

Junior had acquired 100 stars on his ‘star chart’ so we asked him what he wanted to do for a treat and his response was AQWA which is the Aquarium of […]

Flies in Australia – Kind of annoying!

By |October 25th, 2007|

Springtime in Perth brings with it many great things. Beautiful spring flowers in the park, cleaner homes and warmer weather.

Unfortunately it also brings with it Flies; and lots of them.

Apparently there are millions of flies that hang out in the deserts during the cooler winter months, then as the temperatures begin to increase and the little buggers start to feel a little hot under the collar they fly west towards the coast where it’s cooler.

Unfortunately, the coast is also where 98% of the Western Australia population live, including me.

These little critters aren’t the type that just land on your bread roll whilst eating out at a restaurant either. Flying 100’s of miles from the desert to the coast is obviously thirsty work as most seem to be moisture seekers.

This means they make a beeline for places such as the inside of your ear, your mouth, nostrils, or eyes. This obviously gets a tad annoying after a while.

If they land on your leg or hand they’ll happily just stand there for minutes on end rubbing their front legs together like some manic chef sharpening his calving knives before cutting into a big joint of meat. […]

Red-back Spiders sighted – time to reset the counter

By |October 7th, 2007|

Back in January I casually noted that you won’t find a red-back spider or similar deadly critter hidden around every corner.

Now we’re into October I thought I’d never get around to meeting anything that could potentially kill me and if I’m being honest I was acting a little to laid back when I was sweeping out the dead fly carcases from the shed in our new house with my hand!

Well, I can now safely say it’s time to reset the deadly creature encounter counter as yesterday I came face to face with my first Australia red-back spider.

We’ve still not moved into our new house yet as we’ve decided to get ducted air conditioning and a new alarm system fitted before we move in. We’ve still been doing the odd job here and there though and yesterday I was up there with Junior watering the plants and cleaning the swimming pool filter (which I can assure you will be the subject of many future entries).

So, I’m stood there looking at the cleaning instructions for the filter and junior comes running on over me.

“Daddy, daddy, come here. You need to look at this!”

Now, being a 4 year old Junior is very good at really ‘bigging up’ things that he’s seen. I remember once I was up to my eyes in flat packed furniture when Junior came running up to me as he had to show me something amazing and it turned out to be a ……. moth! […]

Great White Shark Closes Hillarys Boat Harbour

By |August 4th, 2007|

I love Hillarys boat Harbour, it has to go down as one of the nicest, cleanest, most children friendly beaches I’ve ever seen.

Well, it would be if there wasn’t a four meter long great white lurking in the water!

Fisheries officers spotted the shark after reports it had been attracted by A decaying 15-tonne whale […]

Steamy nights and a trip down to Rockingham

By |March 6th, 2007|

It has been really steamy over the last couple of days. The thermometer has been hitting 42 degrees Celsius (107 F in old money) during the day and hasn’t been dropping below 24 C (75 F) during the night which has been pretty uncomfortable.

Still, I’m not complaining…!

The nights may be pretty uncomfortable but the days […]

Yorkshire has pigeons Perth has parrots

By |February 16th, 2007|

These little guys still amaze me.

We went for a trip to Lake Joondalup which is about ten minutes drive from our new house in Kinross.

It’s quite a popular hang out for families and due to the size of the lake, and the fact that it’s now so close to our new house […]

Ten things I’ve noticed whilst living in Australia

By |January 25th, 2007|

It’s two months to the day that we arrived here in Sunny Perth so I thought I’d celebrate the occasion by writing about ten things that I’ve noticed about that fantastic country that we now live in.

I have a feeling that this will not be the last entry I make on this subject matter and […]

Australian Spiders – Should I Worry?

By |August 1st, 2006|

Many people are worried about living in, or visiting, Australia all because of its poisonous spiders. Is there really a reason for you to be worried? Could you be killed after being bitten by a spider if you visit, or move to, Australia? Should the possibility stop you from going to Australia?

In case you did […]