Eleven Tips to Help You Safely Transport Your Pet to Australia

If you are thinking of moving your pet to Australia, the most important fact that you need to remember is that the entire procedure can be an expensive one and requires that you navigate through a few controls and restrictions. This article provides 11 steps which guide you through the various stages involved in moving your pet to Australia and, hopefully, save you time, hassle and money.

Jeff Update

Ok, well the update on Jeff is that there are no updates It’s been over two weeks now since we last saw him and we’re now starting to get used to the fact that the last time we saw him really will be just that! Junior is gutted and to […]

Where’s Jeff?

Our regular readers will know that as well as dragging the missus, junior and I out to Australia, we also decided to bring our two cats; Charlie and Jeff to Australia to Many people find the thought of spending literally thousands of £’s on moving two cats abroad a concept […]

Hot nights, cats and bikes

It’s been a while since I posted any Blog updates but I’ll use the excuse that work has been pretty hectic recently. Life in Australia is still great although we’ve had a couple of sleepless nights due to some very warm weather we’ve been experiencing recently. During the daytime the […]

The Cats come home

Well, it’s been a very long time without them (nearly three months) but today we’ll be picking up the cats from Byford. Since we originally visited the cats we’ve made a conscious effort not to make any additional contact as it didn’t seem fair to get their hopes up (if […]

The Cats set paw on Aussie Soil

Well, after my post yesterday, it’s confirmed – The missus spoke to Byford quarantine station this morning and both cats have arrived safely. Apparently both boys are a little shell shocked, very tired and no doubt a little pissed off but they are well and no doubt enjoying the opportunity […]

Cat update!

Well, it looks like the cats are going to be spending Christmas, and welcoming the new year in whilst based at Airpets in Heathrow. We had an email from Airpets confirming that Quantas were fully booked right through to the first week in January so the cats will not be […]