Australian 457 Laws Changed To Protect Local Jobs

Australian 457 Laws Changed To Protect Local Jobs

New laws to strengthen the 457 temporary visa system will ensure employers only use the scheme to fill genuine skill shortages, and look local first before hiring workers from overseas. Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Brendan O’Connor said legislation that passed through Parliament today would protect local workers and ensure […]

Australia Work Visa – An Overview

australia work visa - How to apply for an australia work visa

Australia Work Visa is one of the more common search terms used by visitors to getting down under HQ. With this in mind and in an effort to provide a slightly more succinct answer for those seeking information on the Australian Work Visa, we thought we’d pull together this article […]

Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa Program Changes Announced

Permanent Employer-Sponsored Visa Program Changes Announced

Australian Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Bowen has announced significant changes to simplify the process for the permanent employer-sponsored visa program with the changes to be introduced on 1 July 2012. The reforms will improve the program’s ability to: meet Australia’s economic needs respond quickly to labour market demand ensure […]