Australian Parent Visa Gets The Axe

australia aged parent visa

On 2 June 2014 the government stopped taking applicants for the following visas classes: Parent (non-contributory) visas: • subclass 103 (Parent) • subclass 804 (Aged Parent) Other Family visas: • subclasses 114 and 838 (Aged Dependent Relative) • subclasses 115 and 835 (Remaining Relative) and • subclasses 116 and 836 […]

Australian Family Visa Scheme

australia familiy migration visa

We’ve already written an article providing an overview of the Australian Skilled Migration Visa Categories. This time we’ll provide you with an overview of the Australian Visa types relating to Family Migration. Applicants applying under one of the family related visa classes are selected on the basis of the family relationship to […]

Longer Tourist Visas Now Open To Parents Of Australians

Longer tourist visas now open to parents of Australians

As we reported back in September, the Australian Imigration department was planning to grant longer term tourist visas for parents of Australian migrants. Last Saturday (24th November) the changes went live. Chris Bowden, minister for Australian Immigration and citizenship said: The ‘more generous tourist visas will enable regular extended family […]