Student Visas To Be Streamlined

australian student visa

The Australian government announced last week measures to streamline the Australian student Visa. It is proposed that streamlined visa processing arrangements will be available to certain low immigration risk non-university education providers who offer Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral degree courses. This would be an extension of the arrangements that have […]

Australian Students Visa Applicants Who Held a Student Visa on 8 February 2010

Australian Student Visa

A new web page  is available on the Australian Immigration Website for current and former Student visa holders who held a Student visa when the Australian Government announced the skilled migration reforms (8 February 2010). Increasingly in the years leading up to the reforms, the composition of the skilled migration program […]

Australian visa rules relaxed for students from 29 countries

Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has announced that requirements for an Australian visa will be relaxed for students from 29 countries. After ex-politician Michael Knight published a scathing report on the Australian visa application system and reports of a struggling education sector surfaced, a reform of the application process had […]

Students Targeted By Relaxed Visa Regulations

The Australian education industry could be at risk of becoming victim to Australia’s thriving economy. The rising Australian dollar, combined with the collapse of some colleges has led to more and more international students reconsidering their decision to study in Australia. Changes to the Australian visa application process have been […]

Australian Student Visa To Be Reviewed

The Australian government has commissed a new review of the Australian student visa program, which will report to the government in mid 2011. The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) is undertaking a review of the Australian student visa program, with former minister Michael Knight appointed to carry out […]

Australian Student Visas will not be capped

The Rudd Government has no intention of putting a limit on the number of Australian Student Visas issued each year, the Australian Immigration Minister has announced. The Australian Immigration Minister, Senator Chris Evans, said there was no basis for the concerns by education providers about the possible impact of proposed […]

Student Visa For Australia

Australia is a very hot destination for the students of the overseas countries. The government of Australia is highly dedicated to provide world class educational methods to the future generations. For those reasons you should try and get a Student Visa for Australia!