New Australian Skilled Occupation List (SOL) finally announced

It’s a little late, however the new (), has finally been released by the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, .

The current SOL has more than 400 occupations. The new of occupations, which was announced by the Minister on 17 May 2010, includes 181 occupations. This makes the new SOL less than half the size of the previous but still includes medical professionals including dentists, nurses and osteopaths, as well as engineers, teachers, IT professionals, welders and other trade occupations.

The new SOL will take effect from 1 July 2010 and will apply to all individuals who wish to apply for an Australian to live and work in Australia under the General Skilled Migration Program.

The SOL will not affect Australian Immigration applications under the or employer sponsored temporary residency visas.

“This SOL represents a new direction which aims to ensure we choose migrants who have the skills to meet our nation’s economic needs,” said.

“The initiative builds on the reforms announced in February. The Government has increased English language requirements for trade applicants and introduced a new job ready program for onshore trade applicants.

“There is now increased priority for employer sponsored migrants and this will ensure industry is able to quickly access the skilled workers it needs,” he said.

Individuals who have already submitted skilled Australian Visa applications will have their applications assessed against occupations appearing on the current SOL.

The new SOL will also not apply to people who, on the 8 February 2010, held a subclass 485 (skilled graduate) visa or had a pending subclass 485 visa application and who apply for a provisional or permanent onshore General before the 31 December 2012.

The department is operating a dedicated phone line to respond to any queries on the new list of occupations. The contact number is 1300 735 683.

Further reading (links open in a new window):

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Frequently Asked Questions – How will I be affected by the introduction of a new Skilled Occupations List? ( 99KB PDF file)
Fact sheet – Options for people who may not be eligible for independent migration ( 70KB PDF file)


  1. pankti shukla | | Reply

    i want to study in bachelor in accoutancy, so pl guid me whether it is under modl,fees,university,intake etc


  2. sarfaraz | | Reply

    do managment graduate i.e Marketing, H.r or finance etc stand any chances of getting the P.R after the completion of the masters degree?…they dint stand chances last year wat abt this year?

  3. Rick | | Reply

    I want to know when will open statesponsorship for optical technician and course is still in sol or not

  4. Mani | | Reply


    To become a “social worker”, what are the qualifictions required?

  5. Arjun | | Reply

    Hi Coming FEB-2011 iam coming to Australia for mu higher studies in Bachelor of information and communication technology( Network design and security).My doubt is this course come under new sol list or computing professionals totally removed? or Networking professionals come which category.

  6. Alejandro | | Reply


    My question is about what will be the skill assessments body for each occupation. I m telecommunications engineer. I was planning to apply for skill assessment as Electronics engineer through IEA but as the new SLO came up, I need to know what is it assessment authority for Telecommunications occupation?

    Thank you in advance.

    Alejandro from Chile

  7. Tomy | | Reply

    Hi ,

    How about the skill assessments done as per the old list ? I have done assessment in ASCO-2231-79 – Computing professional – specialized in network security. I have found a similar one in new list(Telecommunications network engineer) . Do I need to undergo a new assessment? Can u please suggest me which authority can give clarity on this ?

  8. Erin | | Reply

    Hi, Woo hoo I am on the new list as an agricultural engineer! I need to have my skills transferred over to an Oz certificate from the UK. I am Sydney accord recognised with Engineers Australia. Can we do this in preparation for the 1st July? Thanks very much!!

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