Hmmmm – Site Issues

Hi Guys Just a short note, our site appears to be a little broken at the moment so we are looking to fix it as soon as we can. In the meantime, the format of our site will be a little ‘average’. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We’ll look to […]

Happy New Year 2014

Sydney new years eve

Hi Guys. Please let me take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for the new year! At time of typing, 2013 has nearly come to an end and by Australian Migration standards, 2013 has I think, been a relatively quiet year. We’ve had three changes in Australian […]

Fresh New Look For Getting Down Under

fresh design for getting down under

Hi guys, well it’s been a while since we’ve played with the look of our site so today I’m delighted to formally announced the release of our new design. I was aiming for a clean and uncluttered look which make browsing our articles easier and I’m pretty pleased with the results. I’m […]

Server move complete

So we’ve had issues with our host (again) so we’ve moved (again). I really hope this is the last time we need to move for a very long time and would like to take this opportunity to thank our regular visitors for their patience whilst we looked to get this […]

Latest Site Outages

Hi All. Just a short note to explain the recent outage experienced at Getting Down Under recently. Unfortunately and for reasons still to be understood, GDU became a victim of a Denial-Of-Service (DOS) attack which ultimately caused our site to go offline and then remain offline for the past three […]

A few site issues today

Hi Guys, well, it’s been a while since we were plagued with site issues however we had our account temporarily suspended today by our hosting provider as our traffic was causing a number of spikes which risked impacting some of their other customers. We have since made an attempt to […]

Forums Down … Grrrrr!

Hey Everyone We’ve recently updated some software on the server that hosts Getting Down Under and this has caused some significant issues with out forums. Let me take this opportunity to apologise for the downtime. We are trouble shooting the issue with our host and VBulletin (the guys who make […]