Australia Work Visa – An Overview

australia work visa - How to apply for an australia work visa

Australia Work Visa is one of the more common search terms used by visitors to getting down under HQ. With this in mind and in an effort to provide a slightly more succinct answer for those seeking information on the Australian Work Visa, we thought we’d pull together this article […]

Australian visa rules relaxed for students from 29 countries

Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has announced that requirements for an Australian visa will be relaxed for students from 29 countries. After ex-politician Michael Knight published a scathing report on the Australian visa application system and reports of a struggling education sector surfaced, a reform of the application process had […]

Change to processing location for applications lodged in Pakistan or Afghanistan

News in from the Australian Immigration Department this week which effects Partner and family migration processing for applicants in Pakistan or Afghanistan Partner and family migration applications lodged by clients who live in Pakistan or Afghanistan (except for Afghan nationals) are processed at the Australian High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan. […]

Australian Spouse Visas – 12 Costly Misconceptions to Avoid

This article describes the evidence required for making a successful Australian spouse visa application, the need for independent and critical thinking away from non-professional and or inexperienced advisers, best ways to speed up processing of an application, how to deal with a poor immigration history and why you do not always need to live together for 12 months before you apply for or start the preparation to apply for an Australian spouse visa as well as several other useful tips and hints on how to select the best professional adviser. Spouse visas are impossible to obtain unless you have a joint bank account or lease …

Work Travel Australia – Working Holiday Visa

Desperate to travel to the Land Down Under and be allowed to work while you’re there? You can, with the Working Holiday visa. The good news is that you can easily get your own. The bad news? You’ll need to know many things about your work travel Australia visa before securing it, from how much it costs to who it’s for. This article covers the basics of work travel Australia visa.

Visa Information to Study in Australia

Student Visa requirement to study in Australia depends on the course you wish to Study. Every basic course will have its own visa requirement. Visa requirement will also differ with the country you are applying from. Make sure that you meet the financial requirements, Health requirements, health Insurance requirements and English language skills before applying for a visa.

Student Visa For Australia

Australia is a very hot destination for the students of the overseas countries. The government of Australia is highly dedicated to provide world class educational methods to the future generations. For those reasons you should try and get a Student Visa for Australia!