Is anybody out there?

Can you hear that……? Yup that’s the silence associated with the Australian Immigration Authority doing…..stuff! It seems very quiet at the moment. My checks of all the usual sources of immigration news seems to be bringing with it very little in the way of updates. Personally, there’s nothing fascinating to […]

Hot nights, cats and bikes

It’s been a while since I posted any Blog updates but I’ll use the excuse that work has been pretty hectic recently. Life in Australia is still great although we’ve had a couple of sleepless nights due to some very warm weather we’ve been experiencing recently. During the daytime the […]

Ooh What a Scorcher

Phew! Its been really warm this last week. What’s that I hear you say, warm, in the UK, as in sunny?? Yup! Damn warm in fact. The newspapers have been running their annual – Ooh, what a scorcher features for the last few days but today looks like it’s going […]

DIY Frenzy

Do you know when you have those ‘little’ jobs to do around the house that you’ll get around to doing eventually? Well, that’s pretty much what we’ve been doing for the last few weeks. Having finally got over returning back to the UK to be faced with sub Zero temperatures […]